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Anika Dia Atta 1KG & 5KG price @52/- Only + Extra discount

Aswini Group is offers Dia Atta 1KG and 5KG which is very healthy for diabetic consumer.  It’s packed with unique mixed ingredients of rich in protein, calcium, minerals, contains low fat, etc. The consumer can avail extra up to 1-5% discount on local store

Price of Anika Dia Atta 1KG & 5KG

Product Price
Anika Dia Atta 1KG Rs.52.00
Anika Dia Atta 5KG Rs.254.00

Avail it:

Anika Corporate Office

Address: 5-283 HP Road,Aswini House Moosapet,Hyderabad – 500018
Contact No.: 1800-843-5599

Anika Dia Atta Specification

  • It is an exclusive preparation made by mixing different cereals which are rich in protein, minerals, calcium and contains low fat
  • Aswini diabetic atta for its unique ingredients is able to slow down the rate of conversion of food into glucose, hence the supply of glucose to body is maintained for a much longer time, thus keeping a diabetic more energetic and also reveals from frequent hunger
  • Ingredients like methi is also proven to control the blood sugar levels
  • Rich & high fiber content in Aswini diabetic atta helps in revealing from constipation
  • Aswini diabetic atta contains more calcium more iron and more dietary fiber than white rice


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