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5 Reasons Why Ladies Should Customize Their Shirts

Wash board-abs like Halle, a derriere like JLo, and curves like Scarlet. Wishful thinking much? Well, if you’re a gym-bunny who’s on her way to being “your best possible version”, then kudos to you. However, if you’re sitting on the other end of the see-saw, and are completely at peace with your apple, pear or whatever fruit-shaped body you have- we love you. With all talks about body positivity, there’s one crucial learning: you are beautifully unique! Got that?

And because you are YOU, why should you settle and fit into an off-the-hanger shirt? There’s variety, styles and convenience when you shop for ready-made clothing, but if perfection is what you seek, custom clothing is your answer. After all, there’s a reason your mum gets her Saree blouse stitched from her master ji – it’s exclusive and made only for you.

Van Heusen My Fit

With promise of perfect fit and customized details, Van Heusen My Fit will change the way you dress, and for the better. Keeping it fuss-free and easy-to-customize, the concept gives women a chance to experience custom clothing from the comfort of their homes.

While there are 100 reasons to why you should customize your clothes, we’ll give you our top five. Tried, tested, and critiqued.

Reason 1- Options Galore

From fabric, collar to cuff, My Fit lets you take the reins on style, so that you get to pick and choose exactly what you like. See, they understand women like that.

Reason 2 – XXS to 5XL

Now that’s a range! So whether you’re petite or curvalicious, with custom clothing there are no size limits. Made-to-fit, you can start by identifying your body type and My Fit will serve up a shirt size that will fit you perfectly.

Reason 3 – One-of-a-kind

Have you ever walked into a room to find yourself staring right-in-the-face of your shirt twin? Eeks, unless it’s Twin Day in office, we pray you never face that horror (true-life story). How to avoid that? Hmmm… custom clothing.

Reason 4 – No need for spot-reduction

Fitness gurus and Google insist that there’s no ways to spot reduce. We wish we could prove that wrong! So, unless you’re going under the knife, you get to highlight your best areas and conceal your unflattering ones with custom made shirts. Problem-solved *bites into muffin*.

Reason 5- Fashion Served

Now if you’re a Van Heusen advocate, you’ll know that they only and only give you the most stylish offerings that are perfect for city chic dressing. So, whether you have a bod a la Deepika or not, My Fit doesn’t stop you from getting your hands on the latest styles.

Instead, they’re serving up style on a customized silver platter for you. Go on, try it out for yourself.




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